We Met Online….

Troubador by Stacey Thurrott for Greyhound Placement Services NH

by Stacey Thurrott for GPSNH

As we recover from the loss of our Ritual Dog Gleann  we knew that we would be adding a new pack member in 2020. Especially with the Florida tracks closing, which meant a lot more dogs going up for adoption than usual, we figured we’d even get a relatively young one. Then COVID-19 hit, the tracks closed early, sending dogs to adoption kennels earlier.

Of course, the pandemic also changed veterinary practice, limiting how many dogs could get fixed, so Greyhound Placement Service of NH had many dogs, were able to meet adopters outside, but having dogs ready was delayed.  This did mean that we all got to “meet” more of the dogs online for longer as walkers, especially Lupin Thurrott and mom Stacey (who graciously provided the first photo here) photographed and talked about them in posts. This meant that we got to see and learn about not yet 2 year-old at the time BGR Troubador from shortly after his arrival at GPS, in March.

He was cat workable, but also very shy of strangers, human ones anyway. So despite the cat issue making him desirable to many as well as his good looks and obvious sweetness shown when with people he knew, that did mean he wasn’t claimed for awhile. After much discussion and seeing him posted often in the GPSNH FB group  we decided to ask about him and I messaged on May 7.

Tru with Cairbre and RuadhanWe were finally able to bring him home on June 24, 2020. Which was yesterday as I write this. He is, indeed, rather shy of us. He is totally seeing Cairbre and Ruadhán as support. He will not eat in front of us, even. But our journey has just begun.


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