The ’99 GPS Greyhound Festival

The ’99 GPS Greyhound Festival

Irony and Gleann down stay

GPS hosts an annual Greyhound Festival every September.  Last year we took Irony, but left the camera.  This year we remembered the camera.   Here are the pictures we got scanned so far, more will be up soon I hope.

Bran and his brother RamsesBran trying to eat his treat "metal"
Bran and Ramses
Bran met his Brother Ramses and they entered the “most unalike” contest……as they really do not resemble brothers.  As their real siblingship wasn’t taken in consideration they only came in eighth (we question the fact that first and second were won by pairings where one dog was not a Greyhound, but are considering bringing my father’s very round, very long haired, very blind Husky cross next year).  During the contests all contestants got a ribbon with a dog biscuit put around their necks.  Bran, every flexible, managed to eat his……he then coveted his brother’s.

Irony sitting

Irony didn’t get to enter anything, the contest we wanted to put her in got called due to time.  One does not usually think animals understand such things, and many would deny it totally, however, Irony hammed it up the whole time Bran was in the ring……she sat cutely (um now, remember, “Greyhounds can’t sit” LOL) and managed to get a lot of attention and a biscuit of her own.

Irony way out in front

We ran them in the trial straight runs (comparable to a LGRA, but started by slip not box).  This is Irony out in front!

Bran out in front

And here’s little Bran. it was a much closer race, but he won too.   He may be splay footed and cow hocked, but heart makes up for a lot!

All photos copyright © 1999 Saigh Kym Lambert