A Greyhound for Everyone – Nope, not anymore

A Greyhound for Everyone- Nope, not anymore

by Kym Lambert (copyright 2021 © Saigh Kym Lambert, all rights reserved do not republish anywhere)

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Since 1999, after adopting our second Greyhound, I had this article up because I felt even just having met two, that people had very narrow views of what Greyhounds were like and it kept some from considering adopting them. I wrote more over the years as more Greyhounds (who you can meet through links above) came into my life. And, yes, left because that’s what happens sharing our lives with those who live shorter ones.

In 2020, with the few remaining Florida racetracks closing due to legislature pushed by “animal rights activists” (now animal welfare activists…very big difference) who lied to pull heartstrings of voters as they try to destroy our relationships with animals, we adopted what might be our last Greyhound. At least our last US ex-racer. At the time of this writing I think one or two very small tracks still run dogs, but that might not even last long. As I write this I see people in the US asking on Greyhound groups about adoption only to be told there is a waiting list and no dogs.

People who don’t know these dogs think this is great, no dogs! That’s that they wanted to do. Get rid of dogs. As the tracks closed all the hounds avaible were quickly adopted. It was a bit of a rush but it was done. JUST LIKE IT ALWAYS HAD BEEN! The idea that dogs were killed or thrown away was bullshit. Any owner/trainers who did that were ousted from racing long ago. There was no one spiking Greyhounds with cocaine as some claimed! Really?!!? Do you know what that would cost? The idea that the dogs were forced somehow (just try forcing a Greyhound to do anything they don’t want to do!) is ridiculous. No on is riding them, no on is running them before their bodies can safely handle it, they run because they love the chase and anyone who let their Greyhound chase a lure at LGRA or even in their yard can doubt that. Racing Greyhounds were one of the few breeds that still got to live like …dogs.  They got to be in large groups of other Greyhounds, got to run. Oh, it wasn’t all about the pack, they also got massaged, some at bigger establishments got whirlpool. They got to run and play daily if not racing, with each other in large groups the way dogs should. And when retired, if not going into breeding which only a select few would, they were adopted out. Some by people in the business, most to “civilians.”

Oh, not all had perfect lives in adoption. Many were only dogs and that came as a shock. Many were under exercised by people who thought allowing dogs to move and play was abusive and for some reason thought a healthy athlete would want to just lie around on couches. Not that lying around on couches isn’t something they learn to like, but they need something to rest from! Many were mocked online, dressed in embarrassingly silly clothing, told repeatedly that they didn’t know how to “dog” by people who have no damn clue what dogs are…these fools thought they were furry humans or something! But most of the hounds subjected to this, did adapt. 

But some were adopted by people who truly loved dogs, had lots of dogs, had lots of Greyhounds, let them play the way dogs do, not the way certain foolish humans think they should. But the real point is, that no dogs suffered. They had joyful lives on the track doing what they loved, then then got homes. 

Now, however, these fine, healthy animals are to become rare in the US. There will be those who raise LGRA (Large Gazehound Racing Association) hounds, of course, but not many. There will be AKC show-types, with their exaggerated, unhealthy builds which may be more common than healthy running dogs now. Of course, there are groups importing ex-racers from other countries, but as COVID-19 pandemic hit at the same time, this has been impacted. 

So…there is no reason for this page I had up for over 20 years. I don’t know enough about the situations in other countries to have one up for those. 

But, yeah, people want to adopt now, but can’t find a Greyhound to adopt. I saw that just today which prompted me removing the initial page then deciding to write this. Someone had their hopes crushed, when just two years ago they could have found a great new companion to share their home with. Congratulations! 

  Text copyright 2021 Saigh Kym Lambert all rights reserved