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Dùn Sgàthan

collage of our animals
Fàilte! Welcome to our more focused website.  We have removed wider Gaelic Reconstructionist and Heathen material. We  now are a portal for:

Scáth na Feannóige  On hiatus..... fénnidecht (Outlaw Warrior Path) as service to the Irish War Goddesses,  Badb, Macha and the Morrígan and focused on the Outlaw Warrior path.

The Beasts of Dùn Sgàthan Hound based on Rossie Priory stone copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne Designs is were you can meet our Divinely Mad Greyhounds Ruadhán and Trúghadh, as well as the late great Irony, Bran, Scolaighe, Cù Mór, Òrlaith, Sachairi, Gráinne, Gleann and Cairbre, as well as now also missed cats Merlin and Nimue (no, honest, they came from different homes already with those names!), but neither really care if you visit or not as they are not keen on strangers.  We first ventured online to host the page for our first Greyhound Irony and the fénnidecht path of Scáth na Feannóige is dependent on the canine-human bond, it is fitting to continue to honor our pack here and in the shadows. You can also meet Saorsa our mare.. Also our very much missed mare Misty,  Inverurie horse --drawing copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne DesignsMinis Cimarron, Iceman, Willow and Topper, goats Randvér and Elína. You can also read about our beloved rescued horse Saoradh  who brought us back t and hear about his journey from starvation to health and from emotional cripple to a happy riding partner through Natural Horsemanship. Articles on Celtic horses and PMU as well as a page for Saigh's past horses too.

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Saigh also runs The Sarah Connor Charm School for physical feminist fans of Linda Hamilton's character in The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Terminator: Dark Fate

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Wolf based on Newbigging Leslie stone sketch copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller for Cruithne Designs

Text, photos and design copyright © 1999-2021 Saigh Kym Lambert
Pictish wolf , hound, crow and horse drawings copyright © 2002 Aaron Miller

Background modified by Kym from Pictish spiral (as featured in George Bain's Celtic Art)

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