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Just in case you want to see some of my writing, some of these were published previously, some have been updated, others not.

For the most current writing check out my blog:: Scáth na Feannóige blog 

Recent articles on Fénnidecht from past issues of Air n-Aithesc: 

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Warriors for the Horse Goddess
---Now back on this site -- Air n-Aithesc Vol. 2 Issue 2, Lughnasadh/Samhain 2015  - on serving Macha by fighting for horse welfare, includes both research on such Goddesses and personal experience.

The Shadowy Painted People? version 1.5 --An essay on the Picts, what we know and don't know

The Problem of the Woad --Questioning the long held belief that woad was used by the Picts and/or Celts for body art

The following pieces are now in new locations:

The Horse amongst the Celts ---an on going project on the history and mythology of the Celtic horse

The Celtic Hound --a bit of history and mythology, an ongoing project

Ritual Hounds ---how we include our hounds in our rites, along with a sidebar on other's thoughts

Canines on my Path ---how they have guided me since childhood

A Greyhound for Everyone (almost) --a non-sectarian consideration of the varied personalities of these hounds

Born to Die? For what good?--PMU Foals ---a look why Premarin production is an unnecessary horror and the alternatives available which are better for both horses and humans

Background modified by Kym from Pictish spiral (as featured in George Bain's Celtic Art)