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With Irony, Scolaighe, Bran--2003

With SaorsaI go by Sìle* Kym Lambert, or Saigh**, these days. I spent several years "wandering" as a Pagan and witch, from about the age of nine until my 20s when in the mid-80s I found a coven, an offshoot of Alexandrian with a Celtic focus, where I felt at home with the people. Despite complications in the group, I  was initiated to first degree. It was at this time that an Morrígan became predominant in my life and I soon felt pushed to follow a more culturally focused way. This led to the whole "Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism" thing.  A few years later, in the early '90s I had a Norse God show up and married a Heathen and ended up with this whole Gaelic Heathen thing.  I have a degree in women's studies with a focus on Celtic culture and the warrior path.

After some experimenting with group dynamics before returning to the isolation of the Great North Woods, I now am focused on the concept of the Outlaw Warrior/Fianna and write about it a good bit, mostly at Scáth na Feannóige.   Back in the dark ages before everyone had the internet, I wrote for some hard copy Pagan publications including THiNK!, Harvest, Tides and SageWoman.. In 2013, I returned to hard copy with an article in Keltria Journal #43 and in 2014 I became a committee member and writer for Air n-Aithesc. My essay "Musings on the Irish War Goddesses" was originally published in Bibliotheca Alexandrina's By Blood, Bone and Blade: A Tribute to the Morrígan.With Gleann and Grainne -2016 

 I have returned to personal fitness training, although not real ambitious on this in the current economy.  Being certified again will help with some of the writing I'm doing, however.

 And I am the Saigh of The Sarah Connor Charm School, a strange physical feminist fan group which involves putting things our members are really doing in a semi-fictional context. Some of my fitness writing is on the SCCS blog.

We moved back to the North Country to homestead and to have horses and hounds.  

* Yes, the name is actually Julia, but I have taken to using the Gaelic form, which I might eventually change legally. IT is pronounced "shee-lah"

** "wolf-bitch, pronounced "s'ee"


Aaron 1998 Aaron is reticent.  He is a Heathen dedicated to Thor.


Cu and Orlaith -2011With Sachairi -2015Aaron and Misty

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