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First, if you haven't been here before or for awhile, I do hope you will visit everyone's separate pages you can find to the left, which tell their individual stories.  I put this page together because I realized in not getting around to updating those pages very often and part of the problem is that it is difficult to chat about them separately, all their experiences now are so combined. In part this is because they had finally developed a deep bond.  

We started to really realize how bonded Irony became with Bran due to the differences in her anxiety level in the two kenneling experiences they have had.  Their favorite couch The first time, when we moved here, we kenneled them at our (then) vet's.   The kennels were a good size for one of them and they were even out of sight of each other although nearby.   We arrived to pick them up to find Irony absolutely stressed and having licked her front legs totally raw.  A few months later we kenneled them at a boarding place in Colebrook where the kennels were larger and they had a little run they could go out to to do business.  They were put in together.  We arrived with them happy to see us but Irony seemed calm and there was no sign of "stress licking" at all.   We interpret this that she felt more secure with one pack member with her, that this didn't mean that we were split up and her world had crashed in.  

Since Scolaighe joined us it was obvious that she also became devoted to the older hounds, especially Bran as they both liked to snuggle...Irony would snuggle but was moody about it, not always wanting to. Gleann is still living a little more seperately, as we need to keep him from annoying the others too much, but as he grows he is spending more time with Bran and Scolaighe and is becoming a distraction from their sorrow in losing Irony.

Brans make the best pillows holding paws

Bran running, Irony in back 2004 Irony, Bran and Scolaighe in the field 2004

The mad hounds in a mellow mood

The puppy makes friends?

An adult Gleann with Scolaighe and Bran on the couch again

ready for our run?

Gleann, Sachairi, C and rlaith

C and rlaith

Sach and Gleann running

Sach, Orlaith, Gleann, Cu

Orlaith, Cu

Sach, Orlaith, Gleann

Gleann and SachGrainne and Sachairi

Sach and cat

Grainne and Gleann

Gleann and the cat

Cat and Grainne

Gleann and Cairbre

Caribre and Gleann

Cairbre and Ruadhan snuggle, Gleann watching

Ruadhan, Gleann and Cairbre

Aaron and the hound trio 2003family 2003 Kym and the hounds 2003

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