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Brindled Heart Healer

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After we lost Ňrlaith, it was the first time we didn't have at least one Greyhound living with us since we adopted Irony in 1998.  Because she was easily stressed by pack changes, even when positive, we had not wanted to bring in another after we found out she only had a short time to live. And, of course, we were focused on her, making her as happy, comfortable and spoiled as possible for as long as Grainne, formerly Sunset Seductionpossible.  So it was just Gleann and Sachairi.  And Meadhran was given free run of the entire house.

I had noted when the manager of Greyhound Placement Service, NH had posted last winter about "Sunny," who had seizures. Probably not the most glowing recommendation for most people, but animals which are hard to place have a special space in my heart.  Other "losers" where all older, around 10 or 11 and given, well, everything, that seemed like a dangerous age for us at this point. So I kept her in mind as we randomly threw out the need to get another hound, to carry on the legacy.

In July we were finally ready to start making plans.  When I contacted Michele, at GPS and mentioned Sunset Seduction she was ready to go! So on July 22, 2014, Aaron went down to pick up our new brindle girl.

Crate is safe spaceShe is relatively young for our pack, full of energy. She was rather nervous when she first arrived, spent a lot of time pacing the house. The way our house is designed, if both bathroom doors are open, as they especially are in the summer to help air circulate, you have a circle and she walked or trotted it quite a bit at first. Still does at times when she finds those doors open. 

While we had "friendly warnings" that taking on a dog with seizures was "setting ourselves up for another heartbreak"....well, getting any animal is, the don't live long enough no matter what, you get no guarantees. Ever. But not many would take her, and not just because of that. She's an over the top goof! Sings in her crate after her Kong is empty. Sings at other random times. By sing I mean high pitched and undulating...really, very musical but sometimes painful. But that's okay.  When she's done she's done. She is also definitely worse than when it comes to food obsession, possibly even worse than Bran was!  She is obsessed.
I don't think being way up here is a good idea!
As for the seizures she hadn't had any for months before we got her and hasn't had any yet (as of Jan 3, 2015). *knockswSamhuinn '14, with the Shadow Pack watching over my shoulderood*

However, there is one thing, one problem, a severe and disturbing defect ....her couch mode is totally dysfunctional!

She will not get on the couch or bed, the coveted thrones of our past hounds. She will not voluntarily get on them at all. We got her to lie down on the bed once and I have picked her up on my lap on the couch, one time crawling out from under her so she could lie on it and snuggle. She loves to snuggle, just not get on the couch. Or off.  She has a bit of trouble getting down when we do get her on, possibly due to her meds which make her a bit klutzy. This may be the reason for hGrainneer reluctance. She also does seem to have to do the spin thing before settling, which could also be disastrous! So we need to invest in more dog beds and a beanbag chair or something so we can get down and snuggle her more comfortably on the floor.

In the few months she's been with us, despite the couch mode dysfunction, she's been a great continuation of our Greyhound legacy here. The boys love her, they are healing from their past loss as are we.  We never forget those who passed, but the best way to honor them is to give homes to those who are still here.

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