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Brother dog

CairbreAfter losing Gráinne we were again houndless, but this time Gleann was an only dog, which was a first for him and obviously was rather stressful for him. We planned to adopt again, but our finances were wiped out by the vet bills and we were not sure our hearts needed some healing.

As we traveled to go pick up Nimue, our unexpected cat on August 31 we were discussing when we might get another dog. We had decided that it would hopefully be within less than two months, maybe even as early as a month. Well, so much for plans. After getting Nimue settled into her temporary room, I got on Facebook and about the first post I saw was on the Greyhound Placement Services NH FB group that she was getting 10 new dogs in from a track that's been shut down and there was one return.  I discussed the return, Crowd Control, with the kennel manager, Michele and we were considering him
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Then I went and looked him up on The Greyhound Data Base and realized he was Gráinne's half-brother. Done deal!  It also lead to him being named for one of the legendary Gráinne's brothers. He is also the first hound we've adopted who had a ton of baggage....not the metaphorical kind but actual stuff... toys, jackets....a big box of stuff.

It's only been a few days, but Cairbre is settling in, mostly. Some separation anxiety which will surely ease over time. But when he relaxes, he relaxes. He does not share his sister's aversion to couches and beds.

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