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On June 30, 2011 We lost Randvér to bloat. Please go to our blog as I can't write about it more right now. There area also newer photos on the blog

So, we're about to get a new houndElína, finally bringing new life to this household which has had far too much death in the past few years. So what more do we need, GOATS!

One of Kym's coworkers mentioned trying to figure out what to do with all their goats. Although they might raise many animals for meat, she was wanting to rehome as many of these kids alive as possible. could we resist?

Especially as we want to make sure that Cimmeron or Iceman has company should something happen to one or the other.

So in November 2009, just a few days before we got Òrlaith, we got two 8 month old kids. Elína, who had been Ellen, is a doe with a lot of LaMancha, hence she has no ears (Cimmeron behind her actually does, but they're hidden in this photo). Randvér, formerly Randy, is a whether Randvérwith large ears we got to keep her company. We we went with Norse names due to Aaron's patron's affiliation with goats and, well, then we didn't have to make much change.

We figure we'd probably not have a lot of luck "disposing" kids either, so we're not rushing to breed Elína when she's old enough. But we're keeping the option open if we end up feeling it's a possibility. For now, they're pets. And possible playmates for both the Minis and Gleann. However, at the moment the horses seem to scare the goats and the goats utterly terrorize Gleann. But we think things will work out eventually.

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